Apparently, I Am A Betty…

I was reading an article on Huffington Post and I noticed a personality quiz that asked: Which First Lady Are You?   My first inclination was aggravation that it wasn’t asking me which President I was.  As if my choices or personality could be so easily pigeonholed…pish-posh!

Despite my consternation with the inherent limitations in the query, I took the quiz anyway.  Some things I just do out of morbid curiosity.  It was a simple eight question quiz that asked fairly broad questions – like an eHarmony for presidential matches.  Here is the result I received:

Results: Which First Lady Are You?

You got: Betty Ford

“If you see Betty Ford as a role model, you’re likely loyal, resilient — physically and emotionally — and unafraid to speak your mind. You are able to be in a relationship without losing yourself or abandoning your beliefs, even when they may conflict with your partner’s. You’re forthcoming with the details about your personal life, especially when sharing them could help someone else dealing with issues you’ve encountered in the past. You know that no one except you can decide if you are “No Lady” or exactly the lady you want to be.”

I clicked on the “No Lady” link in the summary paragraph and it took me to a  short Yahoo article by Maryam Louise (July 9, 2011) that provided five unique and interesting facts about Betty Ford that I feel compelled to share with you.

“In her reign as first lady from 1974 to 1977, Betty Ford went above and beyond to work on issues surrounding politically charged movements that we now define as more liberal and Democrat than Republican. Nonetheless, her position as first lady is not the richest detail of Betty Ford’s legacy.

Posh Director of Fashionistas

During the 1930s to 1940s when Ford was a young single woman, Grand Rapids, Mich., was a posh and happening cosmopolitan scene due to the economic boom local factories brought to the area. As stated on the Ford Library website, after leaving Herpolsheimer’s for a short period of time, she later returned to be the actual Fashion Coordinator at the department store.

A Pro-Choice Republican

Few remember the Republican values system that the pre-Regan administration represented. For example, today, we commonly associate the Pro-Abortion or Pro-Choice movement with the Democrats. However, as it was stated in the PBS News Hours video special, “Betty Ford, The Real Deal”, we learn her husband was elected as a Republican and yet she was actively pro-choice and pro-abortion.

Open Advocate of Sex and Marijuana Made Her a “No Lady”

Betty Ford openly spoke on behalf of premarital sex and vaguely said she was “understanding” of marijuana use. This combination of opinions outraged the Republican Party in the mid 1970’s and caused them to chat about asking for her resignation. In fact, as it was discussed in the Miller Center’s “Essays on Betty Ford”, Republicans often disrespectfully said that instead of being a First Lady that she was actually “No Lady”.

Openly Romantic Love Story

One of the things that stands out about Betty Ford is the romantic love story between her and President Gerald Ford. The Ford Library writes that they were not only politically powerful, but also noted for their high level of passion for each other. Altogether, these hopeless romantics enjoyed 53 years of marriage.

Polished, Professional, Goofball

Betty Ford was one of the most poised and queenly First Ladies during a time when restoring faith in the American Presidency was important. However, behind the scenes of a nation recovering from the Nixon Watergate scandal was a regal role model who knew how to be a serious public figure and have a positive comedic side. discusses the home life details that occurred during the 896 days that she spent in the White House. At that time, Ford was known to dance in the hallways, wear her favorite mood ring, and call herself “First Mama” on the White House intercom.”

Damn…Betty and I do have a great deal in common.  Apparently, I am a Betty.  I’ll take that as a compliment.  Indeed, given what I know now – I would much rather be a Betty than a Gerald.  Did you know her maiden name was Bloomer (love that!) and she was married and divorced (from an abusive husband) before she married Ford in 1948? The more I learn about Betty the better I like her.  The lady had backbone.

Now if only Betty had been President…that would have made the whole presidential eHarmony quiz so much easier to stomach.  Can you imagine a woman like Betty as President of the United States?  I can.  Some day the White House will have a Betty and then men can figure out what they have in common with the First Man. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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