The Trouble With Tribbles…

I found myself thinking about James T. Kirk, the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, quite a bit today.  I recognize the fact that I can roll his name off my tongue and can still remember his dramatic poses in Star Trek episodes dates me; but, in my defense, I was a mere child and my dad was the real fan.  Back in the day, families didn’t have a multitude of televisions, so kids watched what their parents watched.  That is how I also know of  folks like Andy Williams, the Lennon Sisters, the Smothers Brothers, and Flip Wilson…they were all fodder for family television time.

Let’s be perfectly clear – I am not a Trekkie; I do not attend Star Trek conferences; I harbor no crush on William Shatner; and, I do not utilize the Vulcan mind meld (although, if I had the capability I can see where it might come in handy).  I have just retained some Star Trek incidentally.  As such, I remember the Star Trek episode called “The Trouble With Tribbles.”  The episode was about fuzzy little creatures that while seemingly innocuous had voracious appetites and reproduced like no tomorrow.  They essentially were an invasive species that threatened the viability of other species.

This all came to mind after reading Emily Welker’s cute story in The Forum today about the turkey takeover in North Fargo.  According to the story there are about 80 turkeys making a nuisance of themselves in North Fargo – dirtying up yards, making travel more difficult, and generally detracting from the neighborhood’s zen.  Kinda’ like tribbles, but not quite as threatening.

Luckily, there is a plan to address the turkey takeover; and, no – James T. Kirk is not involved.  The plan is one that will not result in harm to the turkeys – it will just relocate them.  I imagine upon their relocation someone could issue a final well wish – I think “Live long and prosper” would be appropriate.  😉

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Only in this part of the country do we get great stories like Tribble Turkeys! I think it’s one reason that WE “live well and prosper”. 😀

  2. tim haering

    Well on his way, head in a cloud, a man with a thousand voices is talking perfectly loud. I love the Beatles allusion, Molly Jones. Isn’t it good Norwegian Wood.

    The Walrus

    PS. Goo goo ga joob

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