Damn Straight Keith Ternes!

I am a law abiding citizen, for the most part.  I have a healthy respect for laws and law enforcement, most of the time.  I may violate an occasional traffic law by exceeding the speed limit or by parking in a wrong location, but that is the extent of the daredevil criminal in me.  I like to be on the right side of the law.

I know many law enforcement professionals and I appreciate the commitment, patience, and bravery it takes to handle the wide range of incidents that they are tasked with responding to day-in and day-out.  It takes quite a person to commit to that position.  And while it is true that I have been known to favor firefighters over cops, that is most applicable as it relates to steamy calendars. Beyond the calendars, I try and stay balanced in my appreciation for the two.  I must say, I do believe that of the two professions, those in law enforcement typically have much better-rounded people and critical thinking skills than firefighters (sorry firefighters – I have to keep it real).  😉

Tonight I want to take a moment and give one of our own local members of law enforcement a shot out.  This shout out is for Keith Ternes, Fargo’s Police Chief, for his calm sensibility and thoughtful comments in a recent Forum article by Dave Olson regarding gun legislation.  My favorite part of the article is excerpted below.

“Ternes said he sees the gun debate being dominated by two extremes: those who want to eliminate guns entirely and those who think they should be able to possess any type of firearm.  Both positions, he said, hobble “our ability to do anything meaningful when it comes to gun legislation.”

Ternes said his personal view is that some new regulations are necessary.

“If we were having a debate where the suggestion was we are going to eliminate guns entirely … I’m opposed to that. But, I do think there should be some restrictions on military equivalent-type of weapons,” Ternes said.”

Damn straight Keith Ternes!  Well-said!  It is heartening to hear this type of sensibility from a law enforcement leader.  We need to dial down the hyperbole and drama in this discussion and be reasonable.

You know, next year I think I am going to buy a cop calendar…even if they aren’t always as “hot” on paper as the firefighters are, those beautiful minds – minds like Keith Ternes’ mind – are pretty stinkin’ sexy. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. I do not mean to sound like a member of the tin foil hat club, but I think the gun debate is a giant diversion. The Patriot Act – a much more dangerous piece of legislation that makes a mockery out of what it means to be a citizen – has been reauthorized and the use of Executive Orders and Executive Privilege by both sides has spun out of control.

    I equate it to the UFO scares of the 1970s. The USAF loved the hysteria. Keep the populace looking for little green men while we developed a whole new technology on the down low.

    Back then, the diversion was for a good cause. I am not so sure that is still true.

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