The Critical Importance Of Courtesy…

Courtesy – a small thing that can mean quite a lot.

When it comes to winter weather, especially bitter cold winter temperatures, courtesy can be critical.

I thought a lot about courtesy today as I walked about the NDSU campus.  Faculty, staff, and students who were scurrying between parking lots and buildings looked as if they would freeze in place if their forward movement stopped even momentarily.  It was painful to watch.  Indeed, it was painful to be one of them.  Today’s temperatures, even with head to toe protection were tough to take.

But even tougher to take was seeing folks in vehicles being discourteous to these walkers and not allowing them the right away.  This irritates me to no end.  A person in a vehicle has more protection from the elements and should allow the folks desperately trying to maintain swift forward movement to keep moving.  I really want to stop these drivers and ask them if their mamas taught them any manners.

It is winter and presently the temperatures are bone-chilling.  I implore every person out driving in areas where there are folks walking from place to place to be gracious and to exhibit courtesy.  At this time of year those few seconds you take to be courteous can mean a lot to walkers – indeed, they can be critical.

Day one thousand three hundred and four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C