No Warm Fuzzies For You Goldmark.

Let’s face it – of all the property management companies in the area the one that seems to be the most reviled is Goldmark Property Management.  To be fair, I do believe they manage the largest number of properties locally; unfortunately, I do not think that explains why so many folks have disdain for Goldmark.  From all I have heard over the 15+ years I have lived in the state I have concluded that Goldmark has earned a reputation for not being the most attentive or gracious property management company.

A recent story by KVLY in which Goldmark’s CFO Kurt Bollman responded to accusations that tenants’ apartments were not heated to the minimum level required by city code has brought a whole lot of folks’ blood to the boiling point.  There isn’t much love for the company from former or current tenants.  Indeed, it is hard to find folks willing to rise up to defend Goldmark.

I have heard hundreds of bad landlord stories over the years.  The bulk of the stories have come from students who feel powerless against a big property management company.  Goldmark isn’t the only property management company I have heard complaints about, but it definitely wins the award for the most frequently complained about company.  I find it disheartening to hear that property management companies like Goldmark – large companies that are in control of such a large portion of the rental market – use their muscle and control without adequate conscience.  They are supposed to be in the business of fostering happy, safe living spaces.  They are supposed to care about the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

I think Goldmark  should reflect upon how they can improve their efforts.  I think it is time they focus on taking better care of the tenants that rent from them.  Until Goldmark appears to care at least as much about the tenants in the buildings they manage as they do about their profits, I do not see any warm fuzzies being directed toward them.

You reap what you sow Goldmark…start focusing more attention on what you sow.  Until you do that, don’t bother getting indignant about the way tenants portray you to the media.  You’ve earned the disdain directed at you  – one tenant at a time.

Day one thousand three hundred and six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. PrairieWoman

    I imagine they will resolve this tarnished reputation like they did over 20 years ago. Change the name of the company, and continue business as usual.

  2. katherine

    Another thing I found out about at the Homeless Coalition is that Goldmark does not rent to anyone with a criminal record. That can include non-violent, dumb-kid and other offenses that happened years ago with no repeat. This can sometimes lead to people being homeless in a place they’ve been good tenants for years. Goldmark buys the building and they are out in a month — not always time enough to find a new place.

  3. Ty

    They will never change the way they do business because unfortunately they are the largest company in the area. I reluctantly had moved into one of their properties, a brand new building, upon moving in I was informed we had to use 702 communications as a service provider, however I had a contract with Direct Tv. Eventually the Direct Tv office of the president contacted me about the reason I had listed I was cancelling my service to which they pointed out to me that the Goldmark company was in violation of laws the FCC had put in place. These laws state that a rental agency can only require you to carry a specific service provider if; 1. They pay for at least a basic package, 2. It is a historic building, 3. It is a safety Hazard. Upon this discovery I contacted my rental office and asked them why I was required to use 702 communications to which I received the response “We have a deal with the company” I asked specifically if it was a safety hazard and they said it was not and it is not a historic building nor did they pay for a basic cable package. I informed the office manager of the law they are in violation of and what they can do to correct it to which she provided no response again stating that they just have a deal with 702 and can’t allow me to have Directv and that they would not be taking any action to be compliant with these laws. This is despite the fact that in their renters handbook it states that you can have a dish or other service as long as you have renters insurance. She claimed that the policy “Didn’t apply to this building”. The next day I received a call from a manager in their corporate office offering to pay for my Directv early termination fee in order to just leave it alone. Anyone who has dealt with this company knows that they would never offer to pay for something unless you had put them up against a bad situation so to me that indicates they must be in clear violation. Of course that is just one example, they vicious way in which they mislead you on your check outs when you move out only to then later send you a bill gouging you for money is an entirely separate issue. Their employees stating your apartment is so clean and nice they always showed it and quoting you one price for having it cleaned only to then have their office send a bill with well over $100 of additional charges. Anyone moving into one of their buildings just needs to be honest with themselves. You are moving into a place run by the most disorganized, UN-professional, greedy, and deceitful people to have ever lived in the region.

  4. Tenacious Tenant

    By far, Goldmark must employ the greatest amount of entry-level employees who have their heads up their assess, are narcissistic and sociopathic. I have never consistently experienced such a group of mentally and emotionally impaired misfits randomly clumped together all at one professional organization.
    One may ask: where does Goldmark’s upper management find these people? Were they found and recruited while aimlessly wandering around in some amusement park? Or, perhaps they were asked to sign-up to work for Goldmark through nepotism. The real answer, however, is: upper management ITSELF consists of employees who were, at one time, entry level fledglings who “worked (?) their way to the top”, so we have a low-grade, status quo standard which all of Goldmark employee must comply to.
    The only comfort a tenant would have while living on Goldmark Property is knowing that “what goes around comes around” and that the karmic boomerang for Goldmark is going to be momentous. I can’t wait.

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