As Soon As The Temps Warm Up…

A few weeks ago when I noted that gas was down to $2.99 a gallon, I was a little excited at the prospect.  I realize that being excited that gas is down to $2.99 is a sad statement about how far removed I am from the days of reasonable gas prices.  I can remember well the days of gas prices that were under a dollar.  Yes, under a dollar.  And no, that wasn’t when the Edsel was the hot ride…that was back in the late seventies.

Roughly three weeks later and gas around the area is at $3.39.  My question is – what happened?  What changed recently to drive back up the price of gas?  Isn’t there always some reason offered up for the rising price of gas?

I think that it would be nice if the excuse for rising gas prices was provided right next to the gas price on the signs.  I think we deserve to know why we are paying more or less…although it is mostly more.  Perhaps if folks knew more about why the price was going up they would feel better about paying for gas…or not.  Perhaps they would drive less in protest.

Of course, in the past the answer to why gas prices keep going up has never been good enough for folks to feel good about paying so much.  It is hard to understand how there can continuously be volatility in the oil market.  I wonder at what point gas will become so high that folks start seriously considering hybrid vehicles…or public transportation…or riding a bike…or walking…or riding a horse…or skipping…or riding a skateboard…you get the picture – an alternative to using and paying for gas.

Do you suppose gas would go down if there were less folks willing to pay a high cost per gallon?  I suspect it might.  I think the oil industry has a choke-hold on Americans and we capitulate because we think we have no other options.  But sooner or later we will reach a breaking point – sooner or later we will go see a man about a horse or a bike or a skateboard or a hybrid.  Think about that oil industry…you may push beyond average American’s price point.

As for me, I am going to start riding my broom to work as soon as the temps warm up.  😉

Day one thousand three hundred and eleven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Sandy Hansen

    The oil industry has used various excuses to get the public so used to prices over $3 that we now think it’s a bargain when it’s 2.99 … and there’s really no valid reasons other than they want to be even more wealthy than they already are, and they can get away with it because of our dependence on fossil fuels. BTW, I recall one fall (or maybe it was spring) in 1999 or so when prices dipped down briefly under $1 – not that long ago!

  2. kay syvrud

    I remember resigning from a job in Mhd when the gas went up to 70 cents a gallon.
    And here is some ancient history: in the early 1960s we were outraged when we had to pay 34 cents a gallon in Montana on a trip home from Washington!!!!

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