Both Endeavors Will Be Well Worth Your Time…

After what seemed like an unbelievably long hiatus, Touch is back.  Touch is the television show created by Tim Kring that focuses on the interconnectivity in the universe.  I started watching it in its first season (see my initial thoughts from last year here) and I became quite a fan of the show. The show illustrates chaos theory – the patterns and the threads that connect us all.  At the center of the show’s premise is an autistic boy who understands all the connections.

Well, you had me at chaos theory Kring; but, when you portray autism as a gift – what can I say – I love you.  I still maintain my belief that Kring must have someone with autism in his life.   I believe this because spending time with, and loving an autistic is part and parcel of understanding that they are not broken – they are different…magical…perfect as they are.

If you haven’t started watching Touch yet, check it out.  It is on Fox at 8 PM on Fridays.  And if you haven’t had the opportunity to get know anyone with autism, make an effort to do so.  I promise you, both endeavors will be well worth your time. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and twelve of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Many thanks for the viewing tip–I will be watching for sure! The more I learn about autistics the more captivated I am–and ‘magical’ is the perfect description. I have long believed that we are all not just connected, but instead are woven and braided together as in the African philosophy of ubuntu: “I am because we are.”

  2. Henry

    Einstein was on the spectrum. Autism can be beneficial. Our son could count to 100 at age 3 despite not knowing how to speak real well at that age. If not handled correctly, autism can also impact an adult child (20’s) so all they do is play video games in their parent’s basement. That is not beneficial to them or society.

    I went to Temple Grandin’s presentation. She was amazing and had some great advice.

    1. Barbara

      It was Temple Grandin who ignited my interest in autism. I’ve seen a video of her speaking and teaching–she is so amazing and has come such a long way in social skills.

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