Pass The Miracle Grow.

It is interesting the things you grow attached to – things that aren’t even yours.  This  is on my mind presently because my daughter Sarah and her longtime partner Dusty sold their adorable little house this past week.  In May they will move on to another home and a new chapter of their lives.

The whole extended family is a little sad about this development.  Of course we knew it would likely come some day.  Even after the complete basement remodel, the house still only has two bedrooms.  They have done so much work in that house – they were almost continuously working on it the entirety of the time they owned it (about eight years).  There wasn’t an inch of it – inside or out – that they did not remodel or refurbish until it was just what they wanted.  In the end I can say objectively, it is as cute as a house can be.  But still, it only has two bedrooms – and fairly small bedrooms at that.

With the addition of baby Lennon and all the stuff that goes along with babies, they started to  feel encroached.  The seed started to germinate in Sarah that maybe it was time to consider moving to a bigger home.  Alas, the seeds that germinate with Sarah seemingly germinate in Miracle Grow – they get big fast and leave everyone else wondering what the hell happened to get from seed stage to full-grown plant in what seems like mere days.  Truth be told, she always knew that some day they would move on, so once she really started thinking about it in earnest she wasted no time.

Now the adorable little house will belong to another couple.  As I understand it, they love the house as much as we all do.  At least there is that.  I imagine they will  grow in that house just as Sarah and Dusty have.

Sarah and Dusty will find another house to make their home.  They are actively searching for the right home now.  They want a home with more space and more bedrooms – preferably one closer to their parents (and we all live in West Fargo).  I will miss their adorable little house as I have grown attached to it, but I will embrace the new house with the extra space and extra bedrooms.  I have my own seeds that I have planted in regard to the new house…the idea that they will now have more room for additional kids or in the alternative a mother-in-law suite.  Come on folks I am not stupid, I know how to play my hand here.  Now, pass the Miracle Grow. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and thirteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Just read that the new house is a done deal–Miracle Gro Sarah is amazing! HGTV could have used this story! 🙂

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