Thank You Summit, South Dakota!

In the midst of blizzard conditions, it is still mighty warm and cozy in Summit, South Dakota.  In true Midwest form, community members in Summit rose to the occasion when student fans of UND’s hockey team couldn’t continue their trip home due to worsening conditions.  They opened facilities in town where the students could settle in and they fed them.

Yes, indeed.  That is how we do it around here.  Indeed, Summit’s response to folks in need is far from only a Midwest phenomenon.  This type of general concern for others’ well-being can be seen in everything from major incidents to every day happenings across the globe.  Human kindness is apparent every day in a thousand small and big ways.

Thank you community of Summit, South Dakota for taking care of that group of stranded students.  In your kindness we are reminded of the things that are part and parcel of being human – we are reminded of the importance of helping others when and where we can.  We know that this is part of the human DNA, but sometimes we forget how powerful it can be. Through your example we are reminded how much warmth a human heart can create. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and fourteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Wonderful story! I wish the TV news people would give more time and attention to stories like this–and less to the criminals and violence. Decency begets more decency and the same rule applies to crime.

  2. tim haering

    Folks are different out here in CA, under the soft tyranny of perpetually blue skies. We are all humans, yet climate helps define how we behave. I suspect Californians would be South Dakotans in generosity but for their climate. Makes me wonder how many folks would live in SD if it had CA’s climate, or vice versa. Sorry, Ms. C. I’ve side-tracked your column

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