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Cheyenne is a voracious reader.  She is the type of kid who actively asks for books as gifts and can spend the bulk of a day with her nose buried in a novel.  I used to be like that when I was a kid.  I remember the power of a good book to keep you up into the wee hours.  I spent many days in my youth unable to put down one good read or another.

But then, somewhere in my teen years, I was introduced to Reader’s Digest and other publications that allow for bite-sized reading.  Over time and after many years of mandatory subject matter reading for college courses, I became more a bite-sized reader than a novel reader.  I love short articles that can be read in minutes, but I am not really a fan of fluffery – I like real news, human interest stories, home improvement articles, and health related material.  I could care less what is going on in the entertainment industry or in big league sports. In my bite-sized reading I pick up a wide assortment of interesting information.

I receive a fairly diverse collection of publications, but some of my favorite publications are those I get free from businesses such as AAA, the electric co-op, and Costco.  They have an interesting mix of items that I don’t always get to read about from other sources.  Case-in-point – this month’s Costco magazine (the magazine is called The Costco Connection)which features a very small piece on a woman named Laura Schroff and a man named Maurice Mazyck.  Laura befriended Maurice 27 years ago when he was 11 years old panhandling on the streets of New York for money for food.   Laura spent years after that first encounter building a relationship with Maurice and making sure that he had food to eat (see the Costco article here – Ties that Bind).

Laura wrote a book about her friendship with Maurice called An Invisible Thread (published in 2011by Howard Books).  She hopes the book encourages folks to reach out to others with small acts of kindness.  Her website – – encourages others to share their invisible thread stories.

An Invisible Thread

I have to say, that bite-sized reading was pretty filling.  Now that I know about this book I am going to have to buy it and read it.  That is what happens with some of this bite-sized reading material – it serves as the first course and before you know it you are having a full meal.  That seems appropriate in this instance as a portion of book sales benefit the No Kid Hungry campaign.

I am no Oprah and I don’t have my own book club, but from the little taste of this story that I have had, I recommend it.  This is the type of book that we can all benefit from reading cover to cover; and, this is the kind of behavior we should all aspire to.  Thank you Costco Connection (via writer Jennifer Babisak) for bringing this to my attention and thank you Laura Schroff for taking the time all those years ago to get involved in improving the life of a child.

Day one thousand three hundred and fifteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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