Mark Zuckerberg Is Dealing Crack To Procrastinators…

I have been contemplating a Facebook hiatus.  I have read about others’ Facebook vacations, which in some cases ended up being a complete vacation from the Internet.  Can you imagine??  A vacation from the Internet – is that even possible for people like me?  No Internet?  It would be akin to being on a deserted island all by my lonesome…interesting.

Alas, I cannot imagine an Internet vacation is in the cards for me as I use the Internet to blog daily and I have work expectations that are tied to it.  But Facebook, I could probably live without even if I had to suffer some painful withdrawal symptoms.  I have grown mightily attached to peeping into other folks’ lives and thoughts.  And yet I wonder what I may be losing in the process.  Sometimes, access to too much information is not a good thing.  There is no end to the time you can spend on Facebook looking at photos and status updates.  Facebook is like crack to procrastinators.  Yes, that’s it.  Mark Zuckerberg is dealing crack to procrastinators.

A person could spend hours, indeed days, trolling through Facebook profiles. Just looking at the millions of photos on Facebook could likely occupy the better part of a person’s adult life.  It is madness I tell you – MADNESS!

I like the below cartoon because it reminds me of how silly the whole Facebook phenomenon can be…not that I am above it at all, because I am not. I freely admit that I am a junkie.

I don’t know if I can quit cold turkey, but I am definitely cutting my consumption way back.  There will be no more constant access to Facebook.  I am going to a twice a day model – morning and evening – for a prescribed time of 20 minutes maximum.  I have to take back control of my life and time, one step at a time.  I will learn to just say “no” to you Zuckerberg…I am going to find my way back to being a casual Facebook user.

Day one thousand three hundred and seventeen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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