Fargo…are you ready for this?

I heard that the infamous Dennis Rodman will be in Fargo next Friday and Saturday night to host the 4th Annual Liquid Ice Girl Competition at JT Cigarro.  The first thought that came to mind upon hearing this was – Fargo…are you ready for this?  The second thought was – Holy Moly – he’ll be here overnight!  My goodness…will Fargo ever recover? ;-)

I will make a prediction right now.  I predict that by Saturday morning (March 9th), there will be stories and photos about Dennis Rodman’s antics on at least a half dozen of my Facebook friends’ pages.  With Rodman in town, I do believe debauchery will be at the top of the agenda.  After all, Rodman is no angel.  Indeed, he relishes pushing the envelope and acting out.

I am originally from Southern California where folks who push the envelope blend into the crowd – so folks like Rodman barely even hit my radar.  But we aren’t in So Cal anymore Toto.  As such, I really must reiterate my first thought on this matter – Fargo…are you ready for this?  I am not sure you are, but I guess we’ll see what March 8th and 9th brings. ;-)

Day one thousand three hundred and thirty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

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I teach at NDSU...but I remain a student of life with all the enthusiasm that entails. My favorite saying is, "Sometimes you have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down." In the new forty that is what I am doing...building my wings.
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2 Responses to Fargo…are you ready for this?

  1. B-dubya says:

    I can understand your concerned question about readiness :D I doubt that North Korea’s president was truly ready for the big ol’ bear hug that Rodman gave him (while diplomats etc cringed and braced themselves for fallout). but it appeared that he got hugged back! Yup–just about anything could happen!

  2. B-dubya says:

    …..and thanks for the photos! :D

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