The Evidence Shows…

I think I am growing up.  I know, it seems inconceivable.  Alas, things have been happening lately – things that cause me to believe that soon I may be a reasonable adult.  Whoa…that is scary stuff.

I provide two examples of evidence of this phenomenon.

1. I was looking at a TGIF typography wall hanging on Totsy.  I know TGIF to mean either Thank God It’s Friday! or Thank God I’m Fabulous!  The TGIF piece on Totsy read – This Grandma Is Fabulous!   I almost purchased it. I offer you Exhibit A – self-identification with the label grandma, a willingness to own it via an acronym, and a near commitment to hang it in my home.

2. I have been thinking lately about the inevitable…the day when I will have to buy another vehicle.  My Tiburon is getting older and even though I love it so, I must admit that lately I have been coveting other vehicles.  My wandering eye hasn’t settled in on any specific vehicle, but I have determined a few “must haves” over the past few months.  The “must haves” are telling.  My old “must haves” were – power, sexy, and sporty.  My new “must haves” are – safety, good warranty, space, and four doors.  I offer you Exhibit B – I am pondering a sensible vehicle in which I can better navigate the world as a grandma.

I knew “the change of life” was near, but I didn’t know it meant this!  What is next- sensible shoes and comfortable clothes?  Am I but a few years away from blue hair?  I guess this is how it plays out…I guess this is how this growing up thing goes.  I will have to learn to adjust to this new reality just as everyone else who has done the grown-up thing has adjusted.  I will slowly ease into my grandma groove – but I think I will pass on the blue hair.

At least I know there is a sign out there if I need it for encouragement – TGIF indeed. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and thirty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Paul Cline

    As a new forty grandfather I can relate. I try to figure out vacations that include the grand kids. No more Caesars Palace; it is Circus Circus or Excalibur for me. I draw the line at bedtime: all aliens with their respective parents. I don’t babysit over night.

    At first I rebelled & fought it. I have since emraced my role as overweight wallet & advice giver.

    Circle of Life

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