In My Spare Time…Wordle.

It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words.  I concur.

But what happens when a thousand words become a picture – is that better than the painted picture?

In high school, I remember doing a series of art assignments that were typography-oriented.  This art did one of two things – it either created the shape with the letters of the word or it created and/or filled the shape with words relevant to the shape.  Ever since those assignments so long ago, I have been drawn to any art that features words in it.  This is not the art of the masters as much as it is the art of the brain that dwells in creative patterning and relishes in the power of words to add to art.   When I retire, I will revisit this art orientation in earnest with a big artist’s sketch pad, colored pencils, and some serious art tutorials.  I find the whole enterprise fascinating and stimulating.

Examples of typography art from

The new trend in typography art these days is a pared down approach.  You can now see this in stores everywhere where the art itself is merely a word or a saying laid out – typically in black and white contrast.  These are sometimes referred to as Subway Art as they are a takeoff of subway signage or Word Art as they resemble word clouds.  I have a collection of these in my home and a collection for my office.  It has been through this new trend that I realized how much I love the power of words that can stand alone.

When Cheyenne was in sixth grade she introduced me to a website called Wordle that allows you to create word clouds. When I first learned about it I probably spent a good two to three hours playing around on the site, but I became frustrated because I could not figure out how to save the Wordles I created from the site to a JPEG format that I could use more freely.  Since then I have promised myself that at some point in the future I would become a higher level Wordle user.  But time is not a commodity that I have in abundance and playing around on Wordle in my world is the equivalent of wasting time, hence it took me awhile to get back to even thinking too much about it – two years to be exact.  Now, with help from a YouTube video, I have mastered the trick of saving Wordles as JPEG files.

Now that I have a new skill, I think I will find many ways to incorporate word clouds into my day-to-day life…in my spare time. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and thirty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C