It Isn’t Really The Art At All…it’s The Artist.

My daughter Sarah and I spent the evening at a Coaster & Clipboard Frame Workshop at The Studio in downtown Fargo.  The workshop was hosted by Kristine Wallin the gifted woman behind Bipolart.  Kristine had all the supplies, treats, music, and guidance and all we had to do was show up ready to have fun.  And did we ever!

Kristine has such a big, beautiful, and effervescent personality.  She exudes positivity, but not in an overly perky, plastic way – she is brazen, clever, caring, introspective, and supportive sometimes all in the same breath.  In a word she is genuine.  She really has a knack for bringing out the best in others.  Art is her therapy and when you do art with Kristine you can’t help but emerge on the other side feeling lighter as a result of it.  Because Kristine is who she is and expresses herself through her art, those with her are likewise freed up to express themselves.  And that was really what the workshop was all about – self expression.


Kristine  joking around with the glue and making us all laugh.

It was a fab experience and Sarah and I made some new friends – Dustin and Taylor (shown below with their creations).  We talked, joked, and laughed a lot and we collaged our hearts out. The time just flew by – I wish it would have been longer.  Happily, Kristine will be hosting another workshop at the end of the month.

My project didn’t turn out as great as the others’ projects.  I have concluded that as much as I like the whole notion of art, I do not have a knack for it.  But I like my piece, even though the ladies on my clipboard got some unexpected wrinkles from my hasty glue technique.  Oh well, I figure that makes sense as I have some wrinkles too. 😉

I never really expected to emerge as an artist from this experience – indeed, it was never really about the art for me.  For me, it was about the artist. Kristine Wallin is a rare find as a person and artist and an evening with her is always going to be an evening well-spent. I hope you’ll come out and join us next time.

Day one thousand three hundred and thirty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    How does one NOT love Kristine? Her personality shines through in her art–so original, truthful and fun 🙂

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