Springing Forward…

I recognize that some folks are irritated by the whole Daylight Savings Time extravaganza.  Setting clocks forward or back and trying to readjust one’s internal clock to be in compliance with the clock on the wall can be a pain I surmise.  I really don’t mind it much, but I do enjoy springing forward much more than falling back.  I love the extra light and the promise it brings of the days to come.

Groundhog Day is the first time in the new year that I really start thinking of spring.  I hope wistfully that the groundhog who doesn’t see his shadow is accurately predicting an early spring.  Or conversely, if he does see his shadow I hope that the groundhog’s ability to predict an enduring winter is complete phooey.  But either way, that is the day – February 2nd – when I begin thinking about what is coming.

I am a pretty big fan of spring.  It is the season of my favorite flower – daffodils.  My mom used to buy me daffodils when she was alive.  Now they likewise remind me of a time gone by never to return.  And yet the daffodils emerge each year at the end of a long winter unchanged by whatever realities occurred in peoples’ lives since they last stood tall to herald spring.   They stand there – bright, cheery, basking in the sunlight – and with their presence we know another spring is upon us.

As the sunlight lingers longer and longer each day in the spring I am that much happier than I was the day before.  The months during the winter – the months where the skies are gray and the sun sets so early – they are not my favorite.  I cannot say that I am affected to the extent that it profoundly affects my mood (as would be the case for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder), but I am on the whole happier when the days are sunny.  I think that is pretty typical for human beings.  If you think of all the poetry and songs that relate happy feelings to sunlight and conversely the sad feelings to clouds and gloomy days, you will see that folks lean toward sunshine.  There is a reason that “sunny California” and “sunny Florida” are favorite locales for vacationers – sun is pretty universally recognized as a key part of happiness.

As such, I am happy to spring forward and by doing so I know that my happiness is likewise springing forward.  If that means adjusting clocks at home, in my office, and in my car – so be it.  Far more important to me is the way that Daylight Savings Time adjusts my attitude. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and forty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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