The Land That Time Forgot…

Fargo took the Midwest title in the Weather Channel’s “Toughest Weather City” tournament.  Fargo advanced to the Final Four after beating out International Falls by a mere forty votes. Well, at least this is a designation that we should all be able to live with (indeed, we do live with it).

I never thought I would be grateful for the annual national attention focused on the frozen tundra designation, but this past couple of months the frozen tundra attention is about the best press we’ve had.  Soon the world will be watching us address a flood that promises to produce a crest that makes it into the top five of all time in this area. Fargo plans to protect to 42 feet – that is serious business that will garner serious attention.

I imagine the coverage of flooding events will distract folks from talking about the state’s recent abortion legislation mess for at least a short while.  Sadly, other news like “tough” weather and flooding are increasingly positive from a relative perspective.   Those abortion bills have managed to set back the state’s efforts to look progressive by about 40 years.  Now we are back to trying to dig ourselves out of the tired old impression that we are a state of unrealistically conservative dinosaurs who live in the land that time forgot.  I can’t even imagine how long that excavation is going to take.

But never fear, we have tough weather and a river on the rise which will take the heat off the Governor and the North Dakota Legislature in their disregard for existing law, women’s reproductive rights, and the constitution.  Sadly, short of hell freezing over the discussion will eventually circle back around to the whole mess.  Long after this thaw and a dozen more like it, folks will still be talking about the legislative session that set the image of North Dakota back decades and stripped us of our dignity.

But for now, be sure and support Fargo in the “Toughest Weather City” Final Four.  Visit The Weather Channel’s page to vote. We are going to need that title to weather the ridicule, loss of prestige, and negative public perception we will have to deal with as the new abortion laws redefine why North Dakota is a “tough” place to live.

Day one thousand three hundred and sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C