When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left. ;-)

I saw a bracelet that said, “When nothing goes right, go left.” It stuck with me. I liked the reminder that we have options in life and we don’t have to resign ourselves to misery.

I made me think of some of the statements I use that could be similarly modified to allow for a more positive outcome.  I love being able to dwell in positivity.  Plus, I love the mental exercise of flipping statements that would otherwise stay mired in their negativity (it is akin to – turn a frown upside down).  I can’t promise that what I offer will be earth-shattering…I don’t really do earth-shattering.  But I hope that in the re-spin of some of my praises you will find a way to re-spin some of yours. 😉

When the sh*t hits the fanturn off the fan.

I’m toastpass the jelly. 

I am going down in flameshey call that cute firefighter!

I got my panties all in a bunchbut I have been meaning to try out thong underwear anyway.

It has been one mistake after anothergood thing I have a magic eraser.

I am literally freezing my a** offyippee…this North Dakota diet is working!

We are going to hell in a hand-basketlet’s look on Pinterest for ways to decorate our basket so we can be the most admired arrival and then lets suggest a redesign of hell  to improve its feng shui.

I am so mad that I could just screambut I will laugh maniacally instead so I can wear that nice white jacket with the buckles again.

Things are going southI’m going north.

Why me?Thank you universe for another great chapter in my memoirs.

I’m screwedperhaps it is time to get hammered.

Geez Louise…not againonce a Thelma, always a Thelma. 😉

Thank you Google images!

Well, you get the picture. Next time you find yourself leaning toward negativity take a moment and think about how you can flip it around.  Just making the effort will dissipate the negativity.  And remember – when nothing goes right – go left. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and sixty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    Re-spinning phrases–I love it! I needed fresh aerobics to ready my brain and attitude for Spring! 😀

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