Gender And Climate Change…

Some days I wonder if I am alone if my oddity.  I seem to be humored by some things that I don’t think others even give a passing thought.  This would explain why I often crack myself up only to see others shaking their heads with a look of confusion or pity on their faces.

Well, prepare yourself.  Today is one of those days. Today I am reveling in my oddity. I saw an advertisement for the below webinar on Facebook.

Gender and Disaster Webinar #4: Gender and Climate Change

Now this is a serious topic and featured two great speakers, but I had a difficult time getting past the title without wanting to offer a commentary.  Thankfully I refrained from commenting on the webinar event page – that was a small blessing.  Before I share my thoughts here, before I display how easily humored I am, I ask you folks – can you guess where my odd little mind is going to go with this?

Well, yes – faithful readers who are familiar with my psychosis – I can already hear you saying it, because you know me.  You know that when you put gender and climate change together my mind goes directly to perimenopause, hot flashes, and mood swings.  Those who say global warming is a myth have clearly not been in the vicinity of a perimenopausal woman.  I amused myself for a good five minutes thinking about how much I have contributed to climate change.  I have personally generated at awful lot of heat over the past couple of years – both via hot flashes and mood swings.  Indeed, I probably contributed to overland flooding as well from all the sweating one does when one internally combusts.  I am sure that some folks have had their eyebrows singed when I have breathed fire during a mood swing.  You want to talk about gender and climate change – hell, I am the science experiment on this one.

Yes, I know…I am odd…and in case you missed it, I am perimenopausal too.  And you know what that means – Al Gore needs to do a documentary about me. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and seventy-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C