Die Winter…die!

The word from the National Weather Service is that a wallop is coming our way.  This looks like one that the whole state will be able to “enjoy” – well, yippee ki yay.  Just what all us North Dakota folks wanted – more winter.  All this extra snow will just make flood season that much more interesting.  That is, if and when, flood season arrives.  The snow needs to stop first and I am beginning to wonder if that will happen.

Many of my friends in other parts of the country have been posting photos and status updates about how great their weather has been.  Truth be told, absent yet another impending snow event, I too would be talking about how great the weather has been.  Temperatures in the 30s may be unseasonably cold for this time of year, but they are better than the sub-zero temps we dealt with a number of days this winter.  I have gleefully had my windows open so that I can take in the fresh air.

But it appears my windows will be closed for the next couple of days as winter is a horrible guest and doesn’t know when it has worn out its welcome.  I have been trying to stay positive about its lingering about, but I find myself becoming increasingly bitter.  I want to move on to spring.

The above illustration fairly captures my present frame of mine.  I am typically not a violent person, but every individual has their breaking limit.  I am there – I am done with winter. So if winter comes to an abrupt and tragic end as portrayed above, you’ll know who to thank.  I am confident no jury of my North Dakota peers would convict me.  It would clearly be seen as justifiable homicide.  Indeed, they might even throw me a parade. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and seventy-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C