Authentic – Without Apology.

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong – like you are the odd man out – like you stick out like a sore thumb?  I have.  Indeed, I often feel like that.

It is not lost on me that I am peculiar…different…a curiosity.   I recognize that my ability and desire to be “normal” decreases dramatically each year.  Each year I become more comfortable being the crazy lady…each year I apologize less for my quirkiness.

I admit it has not been easy to arrive here.  I always wanted to be liked, to fit in, to feel “normal”, but I found it was more difficult to be those things than to be authentic.  I chose authentic.

Not that authentic is easy.  It is not easy.  Society does a good job of talking difference and tolerance, but when push comes to shove folks want to fit in.  Being authentic can mean that you stand alone.  That is scary to some folks.

But here’s the thing – only by being authentic and living in your skin can those who are like you find you.  Even as you stand alone they will gravitate toward you.  Being authentic does not mean you are destined to be alone, it merely means you are committed to your own truth above the need for approval from the group that wants you to be more like them.

I just want to be me.  I know I stick out and I am okay with that.  I know people may think I am quirky, crazy, odd, and peculiar (among other things).  I know that those that love me as I am really see me.

Never be afraid to be authentic – that is where your freedom is – that is where you live your best life.  It is a place that becomes more alluring and enchanting the longer you are there.  Before you know it you will care less and less about being “normal”.  Trust me, “normal” is overrated, and being a crazy lady like me – well, from where I stand, it is the only way to be. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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    1. B-dubya

      I hope your child learns over time that fitting in and being normal (whatever that is) is often settling for less. In our house we seem to be talking a lot about The New Normal–and I like it!

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