I Can Hear The Bells…

I am gratified this morning to be greeted with the news that Minnesota’s House passed a marriage equality bill.  Now the only thing between marriage equality is the Minnesota Senate and the Governor which are expected to likewise pass the bill and sign it into law.  This makes me happy.  This is an inequality that has long deserved repair.   Finally, it seems like our country is coming to its collective senses and making this right.

This happy news caused my peculiar little mind to start me humming the song I Can Hear the Bells from the movie/play Hairspray.  And yes, regular blog readers – I know you realize from the number of musical connections I make in my blog that I live my life (at least in my head) as a pseudo-musical. Thankfully, not one that I am regularly singing in as a melodic voice is not a gift God bestowed upon me. 😉

But I digress, the point is to applaud the Minnesota House and all the other states and citizens of this country who have stepped up to support equality as it is guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  This is more than just a vote for gay marriage.  This is a vote for laws that are created, maintained, and reviewed by a governmental framework that is free of the influence of specific religious ideology.  With this vote and votes like it, our country’s constitution is strengthened and the internal societal fabric of our country is more tightly woven.

I am telling you – I can hear the bells. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    This is a song that’s been in my mind in regard to same-sex marriage–the SS couples I know live those words as well as any committed marriage.

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