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Kevin Cramer, North Dakota’s new addition to the U.S. House is committed to speaking the truth and says society needs more people to stand up and speak the truth.  The most recent “truth” that Cramer stood up and spoke about was the linkage he perceived between abortion rights and school shootings.

In a recent speech at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, Cramer said, “Forty years ago, the United States Supreme Court sanctioned abortion on demand. And we wonder why our culture sees school shootings so often.”   That is the “truth” that Cramer wants to encourage folks to share.  The “truth” that ties women’s reproductive rights to senseless violence.

Gee, sorry Kevin…I just can’t get there.  I am willing to stand up and speak the truth, but this isn’t my truth.  The world didn’t go to hell in a hand basket because of Roe v. Wade.  Your conclusion is spurious and indicates a lack of understanding about what is behind these acts of violence.  Trust me, the protection of women’s reproductive rights by the U.S. Supreme Court was not the event that propelled the degeneration of civilized society.

What’s next?  Will you blame the number of women who have sought careers instead of staying at home to care for children as the genesis of the country’s weight epidemic?  Will you blame the divorce epidemic on the evils of television?  I can imagine that these types of “truth” may make sense to you as well.  But make no mistake Kevin – it’s crazy talk.

Here is a truth I’d like to share with you Kevin – when you make such a dramatic statement with no evidence to support it you appear to be incompetent to serve as our representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.  You make folks think that you are not able to exercise reason to adequately assess issues before you.  You make yourself appear as – if the truth be told – an incompetent leader.

Here is the thing about “truth” – for it to be accepted as such, it must be verifiable via facts.  Not what you think, not what the bible tells you – real data that can be pointed to and shown on a chart.  Until you have that Kevin, the truth is – you should keep your mouth shut or be prepared to live with terminal foot-in-mouth disease.

How’s that for speaking the truth?

Day one thousand four hundred and nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Paul Overby

    “The world didn’t go to hell in a hand basket because of Roe v. Wade. ” or perhaps it did. Killing 50 million babies is not without consequence, no matter how you want to shroud the ‘truth’ in “women’s reproductive rights.” Notice how it is never referred to as “Kate Middleton’s fetus” but rather as a baby. Our culture has seriously degraded in the last 50 years, though I would say Roe v. Wade is a symptom, not a cause. One “fact” for you is that over 50% of children are born to a mother who isn’t married. Another “fact” is that by and large those kids are going to be disadvantaged for the rest of their life. Planned Parenthood would advocate abortion for them. The rest of us would advocate personal responsibility and better choices. But culture says “its OK.” For Kevin, and myself, truth does come from the Bible. As for what you wrote, it wasn’t truth, it was just a blathering rant.

  2. Bravo, Ms C.

    Paul, I neither agree nor disagree with your statement (well, I do, but not for purposes of this comment)

    The problem is, in the United States we have some pretty clear direction on basing public policy (laws) on religion. Some laws may have similarity to religious policy, but that is not the same.

    The other flaw in your reasoning is that if we choose to base public policy on the most popular holy book of the time, the growing population of those with middle eastern religious beliefs could make US reality the thing that terrifies you most.

  3. Facts are facts, but truth is relative. What we perceive as truth is based on our education, our background, and our experience. That’s why there are so many political opinions and religions in the world. Representative Cramer’s test fails what I will refer to as the geometry test. He cannot logically conect abortions with school shootings.

  4. Paul Overby

    Recognizing, of course, that Rep. Cramer wore his Christian beliefs pretty openly on his sleeve during his campaign, and was handily elected, and that this was a speech at a Catholic college to a group of people with a value system very similar to his, I suspect what he had to say was more warmly received there than it has been by moral relativists, where truth is determined, ultimately, by who has the power to say what is truth. Sorry for the run-on sentence!

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