Putting It In Context…

Troy Becker at The Forum created a map that illustrated the “swath of the Oklahoma tornado if it had hit the F-M area.”  The map quickly puts into context the breadth of the devastation in Oklahoma and provides local folks a somber reminder that it could happen here.  Take a good look at the path as Troy laid it out.  It is scary to see the number of folks who would be affected by such an incident.  Schools, colleges, businesses, households are all in the path of a 17 mile long tornado the likes of which hit Oklahoma on Monday.

I looked at this for a good long time and I thought about the dozens of ways such a large and powerful tornado could cut a swath across our area – all of them were equally as frightening to conceive as the one Troy illustrated.  As I said the other day – the hazard I fear the most in this area is a tornado.  This map will long stay in my mind and remind me of what could happen here.

Tornado season is far from over folks.  Visit FEMA’s page on tornadoes and be ready to take the best protective measures quickly – regardless of where you are.  Know what to do at work, at school, at the store, and on the road and make sure your family knows what to do as well.  Because the reality is, a tornado could strike here and it could kill you or your loved ones – hows that for context?

Day one thousand four hundred and fifteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Is it good science to arbitrarily lay a Oklahoma tornado’s path of destruction over North Dakota? Are meteorological conditions similar enough that such a tornado could appear and take such a path? Maybe.

    But you did not make an argument for the logic of Troy’s map. YOU just called for us all to be scared about it. We have lotsa reasons to plan for and respect tornados. Troy’s unexplained, arbitrary map is not one of them.

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