Today I ask the driver of the maroon-colored Saturn MN license plate TUX272 who was driving this morning with an unrestrained toddler in the front seat – WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE THINKING??!!

I was incensed to learn today from Mike that this driver – an older woman – had to make an abrupt stop in front of him right down the street from our house due to her lack of attention to traffic conditions and this child flew head over heels to the floorboards of the car.  After the stop, which wasn’t even a full stop – her car continued to roll until it hit the curb as she tried to reach down to get the toddler – Mike pulled over as well to find out if the child was okay.  Of course, Mike also shared his thoughts with this woman about having an unrestrained toddler in the car.  Also in the car was a young woman and a baby who were restrained.  The woman told Mike that usually the toddler is in a car seat, but they didn’t have enough that day.  Apparently, it never occurred to the woman that she shouldn’t travel with a child in a car without providing the child proper safety mechanisms.  It also didn’t appear to occur to the woman to at least put the toddler in an adult seat belt in the backseat.

Mike called the West Fargo Police Department.  I hope they were able to grab her before she was back on her way.  Who knows whether that toddler received a concussion or other injuries – all the woman denoted to Mike was that the toddler wasn’t bleeding so she assumed the child was okay.

STUPID WOMAN!  How could you be so cavalier with a child’s safety?  If you don’t have another car seat, call the local police station and they can tell you the area organizations who can lend or give you one. You should NEVER drive with an unrestrained child in the vehicle.  Accidents happen every day – often quite close to home – and survivors tend to be those in proper safety restraints.  This is auto safety 101.

I am praying the toddler involved is actually okay and that a valuable lesson was learned today, but I worry about folks who disregard such basic safety mechanisms.  No actually, I worry about the children of these folks – the ones who have to rely on adults to make sensible decisions on their behalf.  Adults who do this – drive with unrestrained kids – should be charged with crimes when these kids are injured.  If that toddler is injured, the driver should be charged with assault.  God forbid, if the toddler had suffered critical injuries – the driver should be charged with manslaughter.

Failing to restrain a child in a motor vehicle is not just a little oversight – it is knowingly putting a child in harm’s way.  It cannot be tolerated.  I am calling you out lady in the maroon Saturn (MN TUX272) – think of the risk you are taking with that child’s life.

Day one thousand four hundred and eighteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C