What Goes Around, Comes Around.

Last year I had Mike bunny-proof the garden after the adorable little bunny babies that visited us daily had consumed a couple hundred dollars worth of plants by gnawing them down to mere stems.  Of particular dismay was the power eating they conducted on my hollyhocks. Apparently, one can have bunnies or hollyhocks in one’s garden, but not both.  I opted for the hollyhocks.

When fall turned to winter I asked Mike to wire the fence gate so it was ajar enough to let the bunnies into the garden to gnaw down whatever plant life was left.  I thought if it was going to be a long hard winter, the least we could do was provide a little food.  Truth be told, I never saw a single bunny out there all winter.

Yesterday, I finally was able to get in some time on the big back garden plot that Mike and I put in last spring.  There is so much to do out there that I surmise I will be spending many hours out there over the next few weeks.  In the process of cleaning up the plot and planting some annuals I realized that I was wrong about the bunnies not being in the garden over the winter.  Indeed, not only were they there – they held a convention.  I have never seen so much bunny poop in my life.

I encountered bunny poop at every turn of the spade.  It was scattered across the garden so consistently that it appeared like it was purposefully laid there.  Well, to be fair, it was purposefully laid there by the bunnies, but not with the mindset that they wanted to gift me free fertilizer.  Or was it?  Maybe they were intent on paying me back for leaving the gate ajar…or maybe they are mad that we closed them out last spring and summer.  Yes folks, I do think about such things.

Mike says the bunny poop is a blessing.  He says it will be great for the yard and the gardening forums I looked at seem to suggest that he is correct.  So for the time being, I am going with the theory that what goes around, comes around.  Apparently, I have been gifted with thousands of bunny poops for a reason.  Time will tell whether the fertilizer value of bunny poop for plants is all its cracked up to be.  One thing is for sure, we will leave the gate ajar again this next winter.  I know now that it was most certainly appreciated. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and twenty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C