Ding-ding…my Patience Has Expired.

Some days my ability to exercise patience is better than others.  I sincerely try to be kind and gracious when things go wrong or folks make a mistake.  But I have learned over time that my patience can quickly fall into a downward spiral after either a series of incidents occur in the same day or after a person or persons repeatedly exhibit the same frustrating behavior over and over again.  Here is what I know for sure – I do not have the patience of a saint…I do not even have the patience of a repentant sinner.

And frankly, I am okay with the fact that my patience sometimes expires.  As far as I am concerned, when my patience expires based on someone’s repeated behavior – it is purposeful – it delineates my expectations.  There are times in life when you have to make it abundantly clear what you will not stand for and although losing one’s patience is not the ideal way to do that, it at least has that effect.

Today I feel like the woman pictured above.  I feel like this because I am once again having to deal with the actions of someone who appears to have no regard for other folks’ time or energy.  She only cares about herself and operates in the world as if she is the only important person in it.  I have never personally met this woman.  I am subjected to her actions based upon her linkage to someone close to me.  I am not going to mention her name or the linkage publicly here because others would suffer and because it is not honorable to do so in a public forum without first doing so privately – one-on-one.

But never fear, I will be letting this special woman know exactly what I think of her behavior and cavalier disregard for others.   Not that I think it will matter to her, but it matters to me.  I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I try not to carelessly trod all over other folks in the pursuit of my happiness.  My sense of integrity pushes me to say something regardless of whether she listens or absorbs it.    I don’t take kindly to the way she has repeatedly treated people I care about, and ding-ding…my patience has expired.

Day one thousand four hundred and twenty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C