My Fertile Inside Source…

When I first moved to North Dakota I saw an article in The Forum with a headline that read, Fertile Man Dies.  I was puzzled by that headline and I had to ask why it mattered that he was fertile.  That is when I learned that in addition to being a biological state, Fertile is the name of a Minnesota town.  Of course from that conversation I also heard about folks who died in Climax (as in Climax, Minnesota).  Apparently, the forefathers of these towns never thought ahead to what outside folks might make of such headlines…or maybe they did and laugh a bit whenever a bumpkin like me comes along and reacts in the expected way.

I have been in North Dakota 16 years now.  My bumpkin status has slowly worn off over the years.  Indeed, I even know a Fertile woman – my sensible, hysterical, ever-thoughtful, caring, insightful muse – B-Dubya.

I had planned to travel to Fertile last summer.  I wanted to go to finally meet B-Dubya in person.  We have not yet had that opportunity.  I came to know B-Dubya through my blog and learned over time that we have many things in common.  She has become an important part of my story over the past couple of years.

B-Dubya has been very good and kind to all my kin – particularly Cheyenne.  You may recall seeing the blog last year in July about the fabulous wall-hanging B-Dubya made for Cheyenne.  It was B-Dubya that first designated Cheyenne as Miss Sparkle.  Now that has become Cheyenne’s title of choice.

Today I received a package from B-Dubya (she sends me things on occasion – she is thoughtful like that).  She made me a second tote bag that has a pocket within which one can place interchangeable photos.  She provided me a whole collection of photo options of the kids and grand kids…and my trademark image of a rubber duck.  She also sent me a great catalog from Bergeson Nursery in Fertile and alerted me to an event on August 10th – the Bergeson Gardens Open House.  The event will feature guided tours, live music, food, and fun.  What is not to love there?  All those things and flowers galore – that equates with heaven in my book. I knew right away – I simply must go.

Happily, B-Dubya also highlighted in the Bergeson catalog some other places she thought I might enjoy visiting in Fertile to include a great bed and breakfast facility.  Fertile isn’t so long a drive that I could not go back and forth in a day, but when B-Dubya said the Inn at Maple Crossing was a romantic getaway of sorts I thought – what the heck…Mike and I can make it an overnighter.

So thanks to my inside source, the Fertile adventure is on the books.  Mike and I will enjoy the garden celebration, visit Mill Street Mercantile and ReDiditz, and stay in the historic and beautiful Inn at Maple Crossing.  But make no mistake about it, Fertile’s biggest draw (at least for me) is one spirited woman with a heart of gold that I plan to finally meet and have dinner with – the one and only B-Dubya.  How fabulous is my life?!  Damn fabulous! 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and twenty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Kay

    I actually told the “Fertile Woman Dies In Climax” story on Oprah about 18 years ago. The topic for the pre-show was “What is your small town famous for?” Being from Crookston, MN, I mentioned our real or not so real status as the “Sunflower Capital of something” and also told the Fertile/Climax story. The real Oprah show began and 45 minutes into it, a producer came up to me and asked me to tell the story on the air. I said that I didn’t want to do it. She said I could stand on the floor by Oprah, which increased my courage enough to get down there. The show finished with me telling the story. My 15 seconds of fame.

  2. Miki

    In case you didn’t know this already, there is also Cummings, ND. And all three towns are within fairly close proximity with one another.

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