Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I could swear I heard Gomer Pyle uttering his famous phrase – Surprise, surprise, surprise! – after reading today the story of Duluth runner Trish Staine.  Staine went to the emergency room on Monday with pain that she thought was attributed to the training she was doing for a half-marathon.  Upon arriving and being examined she discovered the pain she was feeling was from labor.

When Staine’s husband arrived he was congratulated on his baby girl – a child that neither parent even knew was in the making.  The baby, named Mira (short for Miracle), weighed six pounds, six ounces at birth.  Little Mira is doing fine despite being born five weeks early.  Crazy, right?

From the Duluth News Tribune: Mira, short for “Miracle,” Staine, was born Monday,
June 3, 2013, to John and Trish Staine of Duluth. (Photo courtesy of John Staine)

You hear these stories every once in awhile, but not typically from a woman who has given birth before (she has two biological, two foster children, and three stepsons).  Staine didn’t gain weight, felt no fetal movement, and continued to have her period.  In addition, her husband reportedly had a vasectomy.  Talk about coming out of left field – surprise, surprise, surprise indeed!

Of all the fantastical and amazing things I can somewhat conceive in the world – to include unicorns and leprechauns -I cannot conceive a pregnancy going unnoticed.  But that was Staine’s position as well.  She always thought those stories of women having babies without realizing they were pregnant were suspect – that is until it happened to her.  Now, she is a believer.

I think back to my pregnancies and the changes my body went through and I cannot imagine how I could have missed any of them – even if I was in training for a half-marathon.  It is incredible to me that Staine ran nine miles the day before she delivered.  I think I walked (or perhaps waddled) nine miles around the mall the day before Cheyenne was born – but that was purposeful to encourage her to end her extended stay in the womb.

I must say, this story makes me nervous.  I am attuned to the irony in the universe and I have long feared that I could end up being one of those women who gets pregnant at a Guinness World Records age to the horror of my children and grandchildren.  Staine’s pregnancy against all odds reminds me that this kind of stuff really does happen to folks.

I am  knocking on wood as I type.  I do not want to tempt fate to hit me up-side the head and rattle loose any fertile eggs that may still be holding their own in the dark recesses of my body.  I do love babies, but a unexpected pregnancy in the new forty is the kind of surprise I can live without.  😉

Day one thousand four hundred and twenty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    This surprise baby thing happened to my sisters grand-daughter (without the marathon). The family stepped right up to the plate: they used it to punk my sister 😀

  2. tim haering

    Time to remember your abstinence-only training from middle school. LOL. BOn chance! May the Force be with you. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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