I Match Your Kardashians And Raise You A Honey Boo Boo.

One of The New Forty’s regular readers (Tim) said something in a blog comment a couple of days ago that begged for deeper reflection; as such, I share it with you today.  The excerpted portion of his comment that I want to share is: “I think The Kardashians are worse for America than the Patriot Act.”  By George – um, make that Tim – I do believe you are right!  And please do allow me to match your Kardashians and raise you a Honey Boo Boo.

Raise your hand if you are over these types of voyeuristic reality shows that make megastars out of regular folks or low level actors by following them around as they live their day-to-day life.  And by day-to-day life I mean, their bizarre – what the heck is wrong with those people – life.  Okay, so you know – I had both hands raised, but had to put them back down to type.

Since when did the lives of folks such as high maintenance housewives, parents with eight kids, and country hicks who are running a multimillion dollar duck call business become must-see TV?  I know shows like the Love Boat and Fantasy Island were predictable and often a bit hokey, but they were escapist TV and the screwed-up folks almost always either reformed their behavior or got their due in the end.  they told stories of folks that examined the shades in people’s characters and gave us a healthy moral lesson as well.  Now the screwed-up folks are raking in bucket-loads of money so that they can share their real-life neurosis with millions of viewers and they never seem to reform or get their due.  Have we lost our senses?  Why have these types of shows come to dominate the airwaves?

Yes, Tim – I agree.  The Kardashians are worse for America than the PATRIOT Act.  They are a clear indication that we have lost our way as a society.  What do you suppose is next?  Perhaps a spin-off show that follows the National Security Agency as they go through the Kardashian family’s telephone data (wow, talk about snooze TV).   Maybe one of the Khardashian girls can then marry one of the NSA agents and we can have this drivel on for another six years.  Or perhaps – just maybe – we will come to our senses as a society and stop watching this type of television and start paying more attention to the things that matter in this country.  Let’s try keeping up with what our government is up to – not the Kardashians.

Day one thousand four hundred and thirty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    When I read Tims comment about the Kardashians, I said out loud “AHA! Somebody else gets it!” And now that is seconded when you redneck-ognized another piece of total garbage! How can a medium with such potential for good go so wrong? A few years ago I saw a one hour show (National Geographic, I think) that spotlighted life in either New Delhi or Calcutta that was totally riveting. The people were unbelievably poor, striving to get through just one day at a time, carrying all their water a daunting distance, etc. The one thing that was obvious throughout: the quiet contentment of the people who were satisfied to live one day at a time, being quietly cooperative and helpful to each other wherever possible. There is a huge world of real reality out there that we really need to see–we are much better off NOT seeing the garbage that’s using up the airwaves now!

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