It Happens Every 1.6 Days…

I saw a timely message on an electronic billboard on I-94 in Fargo today.  The message was divided into two displays.  The first display said: “It happens every 1.6 days.”  After giving drivers a few seconds to ponder what “it” was, the second display came up.  It said: “1 North Dakota motorcycle accident.

The sign reminded me that this is the season where drivers need to be reminded to watch out for motorcycles.  I always say a little prayer every time I see someone on a motorcycle.  I know that when a bike goes down – for whatever reason – someone is going to get seriously injured and perhaps die.  There are no air bags, no steel frame that can add protection, no seat belts…it is just the driver (and sometimes a passenger as well) and the pavement.  Pavement is not forgiving.  And so I say a prayer for motorcyclists’ safety – both in their own driving and in others’ awareness of them.

When I got home today I read that Joshua Wold, the 24 year old who was injured in a motorcycle accident June 2nd near Fort Abercrombie, died yesterday from his injuries.  How very sad for Joshua’s family.  I cannot imagine their grief.

Joshua’s accident occurred when he failed to navigate a curve.  He is one of a handful of serious motorcycle accidents reported over the past ten days or so.  Apparently, according to the data there is a motorcycle accident in North Dakota every other day.  That saddens me as motorcycle accidents are rarely walked away from and too often end in the motorcyclist’s death.

Say a prayer for the motorcyclists on the roads folks – and keep your eyes open for them.

Day one thousand four hundred and thirty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C