Friday Afternoon…

Each time Cheyenne and I traveled home from one of her orthodontist appointments over the past year and a half we passed a store called  Tuesday Morning.  Each time I would say to Cheyenne, “We should go there.”  And yet, we never stopped.  It seemed that Cheyenne always had to hurry back to school or I had to hurry to a meeting.

Today, I happened to be heading down 13th Avenue having taken a different route home from the university and it occurred to me that I had the time to actually stop and check out the store.  I spent a solid hour meandering through Tuesday Morning this afternoon. Now I can faithfully report to the readers of The New Forty that Tuesday Morning is well worth visiting.

The store features an eclectic mix of items – everything from outside decor to art to toys.   Not shelves filled with a lot of the same things, but instead shelves lined with a couple of one thing and a handful of another.   This store is the store for treasure hunters who don’t want to have what everyone else has – folks who enjoy taking the time to find items that speak to them.  For true shopping devotees it is not a five minute run-in and run-out experience.  It is a paced and deliberate journey to see what undiscovered treasures await you.

And treasures – oh my – do they have some treasures.  I told myself when I went in that I was there to check out the store, but after being inside I realized that this isn’t the store for window shoppers who look at a thing time and time again before buying.  This is an active engagement that requires decisiveness.   This is my kind of store.  I may take some time in-store to consider something, but I don’t leave without it  if I want it. Such was the case with a very large, beautifully-illustrated and quite heavy platter that was displayed in a way that made it look like artwork.  It was the only one of its kind that I saw in the store and was anchoring a display of other items in the same color family.  The price at other stores as noted on the tag was $37, and frankly, $37 would be a decent price for it in my mind for a platter of that weight and quality.  I paid $7.99.   So spectacular was that find that I felt like I had won a gold medal at the Olympics – okay…maybe a bronze medal – but you get the point. 😉

Tuesday Morning is also a great place to buy gifts.  If you already have a calendar full of summer weddings you will find some great wedding-esque gifts for a lot cheaper than other stores.  Plus, they are having an additional percentage off clearance right now which lowers prices further.

The lovely sales associate that assisted me today with the treasures I found in the store – Charli – told me that the merchandise at Tuesday Morning is ever-changing.  They get new shipments each week.   Well, so much for just driving by there…now I will have to visit regularly. Oh darn it. 😉

If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit this store yet, I encourage you to do so soon.  Tuesday Morning is located at 3223 13th Avenue S.W. in Fargo.  Get in there and see what treasures it holds for you, but don’t hesitate because they may not be there tomorrow after I visit again.

Day one thousand four hundred and thirty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    Tuesday Morning sounds like my kind of place–more like a gallery experience to look forward to as opposed to just another place to shop. And such a unique name!

  2. bob

    Your assessment is spot on. We have several in San Antonio and the stores are a fun place to shop. They send out periodic brochures highlighting new merchandise.

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