The Legend Of Bluebeard…

A year ago my grandson Lennon was born. It was a very joyous event and long in the coming.  I waited a long time for his mom and dad to decide they were “ready” for a baby.  I was ready years before they were.  But I was made to wait…and wait…and wait – until June 15, 2012.

In contrast to how long and torturous the wait seemed, the past year with Lennon has flown by.  Sure, I know this happens.  It is the first thing I say to new parents – time flies and the little ones grow up so fast.  I know they won’t be able to fully conceive it because in the grind of day-to-day activities it is difficult to comprehend how quickly years will pass.

And so today my youngest grandchild, Lennon, is one.  He had his first birthday party, opened his first birthday presents, and had his first birthday cake.  It was a big day for a one year old.  A day that we will all remember, but that Lennon will not.

Luckily, we have photos.  Years from now we will still laugh at family gatherings about how Lennon came to be called Bluebeard.  These are the memories we will keep tucked away in our hearts and our minds because before we know it this 1st birthday will be years ago.  Such is the way of life…it marches on.

Happy 1st Birthday my darling grandson!

Day one thousand four hundred and thirty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    Adorable! And he will love looking at those photos and hearing the memories. My youngest grandson still likes to hear about his reaction to his first birthday cake: one look at the blue frosting and he screamed in terror until it was removed from his sight. He was happy to have a piece of the cake AFTER all the offending blue was removed. Lennon’s photos suggest that he is a Mr. Mellow who will take everything in stride, but actually…..who can predict anything except that the years ahead will never be dull!

  2. Miki

    One of those pictures just HAS to be on his display of pictures for his high school graduation open house!

  3. tim haering

    Grover looks good on Lennon. Oscar, peeking out from the can, approves. I Love trash! Anything dirty or dingy or dusty, anything ragged or rotten or rusty. Yes, I love trash!

    My son doesn’t remember his first either, though it was similar. Or simular as we say in INdiana. I think GW said simular, too, and nucular. But I digress.

    Happy Birthday, Lennon! May every birthday be a party ‘til you’re blue in the face!

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