I Am “scents-ual”…

I have this coconut body butter lotion made by Philosophy that I use frequently to keep my arms and legs moisturized.  I purchased it because I love the smell of coconut and I thought that the enjoyment of the fragrance would prompt me to moisturize more frequently.  The lotion is great – thick, creamy, and it absorbs quickly.  The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t smell like coconut at all to me; instead, it smells like Play-Doh.

Now, I recognize there is a whole group of readers I just lost with the Play-Doh reference.  This is a scent reference uniquely focused on those who have engaged in the sport of Play-Doh creativity – those who have molded and shaped Play-Doh food, animals, people, vehicles, buildings, etc.  If you have done that you understand completely the smell I am referencing.

Not that there is anything wrong with smelling like Play-Doh.  It is a pleasant enough smell and it does conjure happy memories, but it isn’t coconut.  Interestingly enough, every time I use the lotion I have an urge to go to the store and buy Play-Doh.  I do not fully understand the force behind this urge, but have concluded that I am “scents-ual”.  And yes, I once again made up a word to meet my own selfish needs.

I am defining “scents-ual”  as having a sense of smell that is wired in a way that it affects a person’s behavior or mood.  Some folks have emotional or mental ties to things they see, taste, or hear (I have some of those too),  for me it is mostly scents.  Unfortunately, I am the poster child for dysfunctional aromatherapy.  I am tied to different scents than normal folks.  Scents like Play-Doh, watermelon Jolly Ranchers, buttered popcorn, and wet wood carry special connectivity for me.

No need to email me to tell me I am odd – I am aware.  But in my defense, I am sure I am not alone in being scents-ual – there must be others with a like olfactory connection.  I imagine all the other folks out and about wearing Philosophy coconut body butter are driving other scents-uals crazy and causing unexplained increases in Play-Doh sales.   Wait a minute now…do you suppose Philosophy and the makers of Play-Doh are in cahoots to draw in the scents-uals?   Dare I say something smells fishy?  😉

Day one thousand four hundred and forty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Sheri

    But do other people think you smell like coconut when you put it on, or do they also think it smells like Play-doh?

  2. Hayley

    I know how you feel, when I go to get my hair trimmed, she uses coconut shampoo and I always smell playdough. She says in all her 40 years of being a hair person, I’m the only one who’s ever smelled playdough in coconut. Everyone thinks I’m nuts. My Mom did too until I went to the doctors office for lab work and mom smelled playdough in the reception area, someone had coconut lotion.
    Maybe it’s a blood type thing or maybe even a DNA thing. Only people with a certain something in their DNA can smell it?

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