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  1. tim haering

    Aidan is a miracle. Butt his pure heart has yet to hit puberty – the end for most child phenoms. I hope he can gracefully traverse that long decade. But in our capitalist world, there must also be anti-Aidans, without which there could be no Aidans. So, if you love the one, you are logic-bound to love the other.

    I’m a blues fan, so his honkin’ harmonica tugs at my soul. But I will save my deepest love for folks I will never know – the low flyers who never do anything that lures media radar, who never have spectacular falls from which to spectacularly rise, but do the daily good that keeps humanity’s feet on the rail of progress, despite the rising quicksand of temptation.

    And I hope and pray Aidan continues his work after the notoriety and cameras fatigue and begin seeking novelty, as they inevitably will. God bless you, Aidan – and the anti-Aidans – and the mundane do-rights who churn and turn the world.

  2. Aidan is my youngest child. I can assure you this entire journey was not calculated, more organic. But someone has to rise up to say it’s time for all to give. Aidan is on a mission, working on his college plans to help his chosen University give back (even though he is in 6th grade) and will be speaking in London in October. It’s all because his message resonates somewhere deep inside his audiences of 6 to 96…we all can give and should look for ways, large and small to make a difference. He is the real thing and I am forever grateful mostly for what he has inspired that we will never see. This is off and running and many now know they too can make a difference and be part of a mosaic never complete without them.

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