Heed The Chair Dancing Woman’s Advice…

Just when I thought Facebook was the biggest threat to people who lean toward procrastination (people like me), here comes my son Cory to introduce me to an infinitely bigger threat – Spotify.  Spotify is a free internet music site where you can assemble play lists of darn near any song or musician you can conceive and listen endlessly to the soundtracks of your life – whenever those soundtracks were created.

You don’t get to the new forty without quite a few life soundtracks and my friends, they are all there on Spotify just waiting to be grabbed and dropped into playlists.  That is some dangerous stuff my friends…especially if you are a music lover from many eras.  Cory left hours ago and I just realized that I have amassed 400 songs in my two playlists.  I can’t help myself!

Now I know many of you have long been aware of Spotify and aren’t as mesmerized by the sparkly potential of finding all the music that you hold near and dear in your memory.  Please forgive the amateurish novelty  I am evidencing in my new discovery.  I am sure that in a week or two (or ten) I will mellow and stop thinking of just one more song I simply must have on my playlists.  This is highly addictive stuff.  Suddenly I understand what happens with those folks who play video games for hours on end…they get lost in the sparkly potential.

The truth is, I am totally rocking out as I am typing this blog while sitting at the kitchen table.  The blinds are wide open so I imagine the neighbors are wondering if I am having a seizure.  But no, I am merely chair dancing (in the most respectful way that can happen).

If you have not yet experienced Songify – tread with caution.  I am telling you – it is like crack for music lovers!  You’ll see…you’ll go on there for what you believe will be a few minutes and then five hours later you’ll still be there searching endlessly for just one more song.  Some things are better left alone – so says the chair dancing woman. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and forty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    I’m glad I keep almost all my music in my head. I like my own arrangements. But you and your new life partner knock yourselves out. I’ll visit YouTube for occasional refreshers on SRV, Rundgren, STeely Dan, Zappa, Thackery, whoever. And I’ll kep the blinds closed so nobody sees my guitar ecstasy faces.

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