Retirement Kyle…

My neighbor Kyle just retired. I imagine this life transition will be an interesting one for Kyle as he is a “do-er” and now he has a lot more time to “do”.  Not that he doesn’t know how to relax – he is the king of the neighborhood bonfire society; but rather, that he is often doing something in regard to his home and property.  He also has always been really good about helping the neighbors out and tinkering with his vehicles and his family’s vehicles in his spare time.  So I wonder how he will now adjust to this extra 40+ hours a week of spare time in retirement.  “Working Kyle” was very productive in his non-working hours – what happens when you give a person like that extra hours?

I saw one of the first indications of what Kyle’s retirement will look like yesterday when the sanitation workers came to pick up the trash.  Kyle has not typically been here on trash days.  He would put out the trash before he headed out to work the previous day and then either he or one of his family members would bring back up the empty cans when they returned home.  But not yesterday – not the new retired version of Kyle who is home now on trash day.  Yesterday, Kyle was out at the curb to meet the sanitation workers with two ice cold bottles of water.  He gave both the workers water and then helped dump his own trash into the truck.

I am very typically home during the summer on trash day and I have never given the sanitation workers water or helped dispose of my own trash.  Not that I couldn’t do such a think – I certainly could, it just never occurred to me.  But there was our newly retired Kyle, out there role modeling good citizenry for the rest of us and providing an indication of what he plans on doing with those extra 40+ hours a week.

I am taking notes from Kyle not only for when I retire in 13 years or so, but also for all the days before that.  He has always done the little things he can for others.  He is, and has been, a perennial good citizen -and now he has 40+ more hours a week to do more of the same.  Carry on “Retirement Kyle”…carry on. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and fifty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    I think Retirement Kyle has found what the power-hungry, money-grubbing egotists are so frantically searching for: The Truly Rich Life! 🙂

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