Vector Control…

As I understand it, West Fargo will be spraying for mosquitoes tonight.  While I am typically not one to kill any living thing purposefully, I make an exception for mosquitoes.  I am not a fan of mosquito bites because in addition to being ugly aberrations and potentially disease-ridden, they are also unbearably itchy.  I don’t do itchy well.  I scratch…endlessly.  Then I end up with bigger and uglier aberrations that look like they were mauled by a bobcat.

When I go outside to garden I douse myself in Deep Woods Off!, cover my arms and legs, and keep my mosquito coil near me at all times.  It isn’t a pretty sight, but it is fairly effective.  I also make a point of gardening either in the heat of the day when it is too hot for the little bloodsuckers, or when it is windy and they can’t get their bearings.  Still, I have had a dozen or so bites already this year…and that is a dozen too many in my mind.

Luckily, I don’t have issues inside the house.  Even when the little buggers find their way in, their life span once inside is incredibly short.  You see, I have hardcore vector control around here by way of our cats.  In particular, my buddy Hickory, who is borderline fanatical about seeking out and killing any flying insect, allows no mosquito to escape unscathed. I have concluded that this behavior on Hickory’s part is a very good thing.

Hickory – mosquito hunter extraordinaire!

Between the City of West Fargo and Hickory’s efforts, I hope to have a week or two with only a rare mosquito sighting.  Maybe I will even be able to go out in the garden looking like a semi-normal person.  Okay, that may be pushing it. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and fifty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C