Well, here we are – four full years into the new forty today.  Today I am 54 – one lone year from being officially old enough to order off the senior menu.  Yippee!!!!  No really – YIPPEE!!!!

I am happy to still be on the planet as not everyone gets to stick around until my age.  Plus I just got my driver’s license renewed and this marks the second time in a very long time that I do not hate my driver’s license photo which I must live with for four years (see my blog in 2009 on the first time).  Hence – YIPPEE!!!!

I take the unexpected blessing of another driver’s license photo I do not hate as a positive sign of what is to come in the coming year.  I bet you just thought it was a run-of-the-mill driver’s license photo.  No…it is an omen.  Not an evil omen like the movie from the 1970s with Gregory Peck…a good omen sent from the gods of driver license photos.  An omen that shows me that my path toward my fifth year in the new forty will be filled with a good amount of skipping and merriment.  YIPPEE!!!!

For the past three years I have adopted a new goal on my birthday.  This year my goal will likely be the most challenging one I have undertaken – no new goals.  This year I will allow myself to marinate in the life I already have.  I will try harder than I have in years past to slow down and focus my energy more intently on the many commitments I already have and on enjoying all the fabulous folks in my life.  And I will continue giving myself the gift I started with four years ago – blogging daily. YIPPEE!!!!

It is a good life.  Thank you readers for sharing my moments in the new forty.  Each day is a blessing and I am humbly grateful. So allow me to say again – YIPPEE!!!! 😉


Day one thousand four hundred and fifty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    “This year I will allow myself to marinate in the life I already have.”
    “Each day is a blessing and I am humbly grateful.”
    Sounds to me like a state of Perfect Grace.
    (And the license photo is definitely a big YIPPEE!) 😀

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