The Road Taken…

Today is our last full day at the cottage.  As is so typically the case with vacations, the days seem to fly by. Hence, this is our last trip to Tim Hortons – the coffee shop we have visited for our daily hour long sabbaticals.  I will miss my daily iced caramel cappuccino and the opportunity to hear folks speak  fluid and richly accented French.  Ah Quebec – I will miss you.

Tomorrow we will leave the Murder House and head back to upstate New York to visit my cousin Scott and his husband Seann.  This will be our first opportunity to visit Scott and Seann at their home in upstate New York on Three Mile Bay- we can’t wait to see them.  That visit will be the perfect ending to yet another fun and interesting family vacation.

For this day I leave you with a challenge.  Take the time to take the road not taken – the road that leaves you unplugged.  I can promise you that you will walk away from the experience wondering why you ever found such value in cyber-connectivity.

The road from the cottage back out toward the main highway.

Day one thousand four hundred and sixty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C