Sitting Out In The Dirt…

I spent many hours in my garden today.  I find work in the garden so gratifying and peaceful.  It is a chance to think quiet thoughts while doing productive work that results in one of my greatest joys – a garden filled with beautiful flowers.

My garden got a late start this year and was affected by some of the heavy rain, hail, and wind we got in June.  But with the recent heat and just enough moisture it seems to finally be starting to hit its stride.  It has a more scattered feel to it this year – just like its owner.  Some of my annual and new perennial placement seems awkward and unorganized, but it is still beautiful in its own way.  I lost some of my perennials from last year and oddly, some of my annuals reseeded and came back unexpectedly with a vengeance.  I also am trying some things this year to test their potential for future years in the garden.

Someone asked me a question recently about gardening.  She was obviously under the impression that I know something about what I am doing.  I had to tell her that I am just a silly girl who loves flowers – I have no real gardening skills.  All I have is love, attention,  water, and good intentions.  I do my level best to keep things alive and beautiful with my limited skills.  On rare occasion I will look something up on the internet to help me better understand how to care for certain plants.  But am I a “real” gardener?  No…I just play one while I am sitting out in the dirt.

Garden as of July 21, 2013

Thank goodness there is room in the world for silly girls like me who like to make sincere efforts toward creating a little bit of beauty to feed their souls.  A day working in the garden is about the most gratifying “work” day I can have.  There – sitting out in the dirt – I know one thing for sure, this will be a lifelong love affair. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and seventy-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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