Going Gangsta’ In The Bathroom…

I like to shop, particularly at places where treasures can be found.  I also get a lot of catalogs and do a great deal of online shopping.  I have seen some very interesting items for sale in my shopping travels.   I have concluded over time that somewhere out in the world there is a market for virtually every product.  Perhaps not a large market, but some market.  I say this because wholesale buyers tend to know their target market quite well and can typically know a winner product when they see one.

But everyone has an off day now and then.  It is those off days that make for robust clearance sales with deep markdowns.  It is said that one man’s trash is another man’s traesure.  Eventually, as the price drops I imagine most products sell out.

I say most because there are some products that you just know are so far off the mark that they won’t even pass as a “free gift with purchase” item.  I see those products on occasion…indeed, I saw one this past week in the The Lakeside Collection catalog.

Gun Toilet Brush Gun Toilet Brush

Oh yes, that is a toilet brush.  Let me guess – you don’t already own one of these.  I don’t either.

The Lakeside Collection has this to say about the product:

Bang away that dirty bowl with the Gun Toilet Brush! Make light of the situation when the unpleasant chore of toilet bowl scrubbing is needed. The comical design makes this an ultimate novelty gift, but it’s also completely functional. Durable nylon bristles effectively scrub away stains and dirt, and the long plastic handle lets you keep a safe distance from your target. It comes with its own holder for hygienic storage that also shows off your bathroom weapon. 17-1/4″ x 7″ x 4″.

  • Take aim at toilet bowl stains!
  • Design gets a laugh, but brush gets the job done
  • Holder included

Here is what I am willing to wager on at this point – this item will not be a huge hit with the vast majority of folks.  I am pretty sure this item will find its way to the markdown aisle. Right now it is selling for $8.95…my money is on a price of $4.95 when it hits clearance. I could share with you the types of folks that I think will like buy this item, but I am going to guess that they all own guns and I don’t feel a need to mock them publicly about their taste in toilet brushes.

What I wonder is what inspired this gangsta’ toilet brush and where was the inventor when it came to him or her?  I bet there is one helluva’ bang-up story there.  I am not sure if this toilet brush glorifies guns or diminishes them.  From where I stand the whole thing just looks silly.  Alas, the proof will be in the clearance sale.  If this toilet brush doesn’t make it to clearance I surmise it will be because it sold to the buyer’s expectation levels.   That I will have to see to believe.  I think one of the buyers was having an off day or has memories of a harrowing bathroom cleaning episode, but I cannot believe that this will become a standard item in even a small percentage of bathrooms across America.  I think this product is one flush away from being old news. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and seventy-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C