Everyone Has BAD HABITS.

One of my dear friends Tammy (a.k.a. Lucy) gave me (a.k.a. Ethel) a great birthday card that I wanted to share with you today.  I really do appreciate folks who still make the effort to find the perfect card for an occasion.  I think that kind of attention to detail is quickly becoming an anomaly.  These days we post our greetings on Facebook and move on.  I understand – folks are busy, the world has changed, and it is the thought that counts.

I generally lost my patience for the cost of cards a handful of years ago. A single Hallmark card can cost you $3, $4, $5, or more – for a card, really?  Sure, they are really nice cards, but do they really cost that much to make?  Perhaps they have to charge that much so that Hallmark can continue to create those great heartfelt Hallmark commecials and tear-jerker made-for- TV movies.  Whatever the reason is, it really bugs me that I can easily spend $20 on 4 Hallmark cards.  I can remember when cards were $.69 cents.

The dollar store sells cards for two for a dollar.  They aren’t Hallmark cards, but they do have a decent selection and the price is right.  With a dollar store card you cannot rest on your laurels and just ride the Hallmark sentiment, you have to step up your game and insert your own heartfelt words.  This is all well and fine for those who excel at that sort of thing, but must strike fear into the hearts of those who like to just sign their name and move on.

But let me get back to the card from Lucy.   She always makes the effort to find the right card and share a sincere sentiment.  She is really good at cards and gifting – she puts in the time.

As you can see, the card cover reads: Everyone has BAD HABITS.  Inside the card it reads: The difference is, we’ve made them part of our CHARM.

Of course she then follows up with a lovely personal note – like I said, she is good at this.   She also gave me a beautiful scarf and earrings that I know I will wear often.  But I must say, the card is my absolute favorite thing because it is so perfect for me – Ethel – coming from Lucy.  That card caused me to have a Hallmark moment – you know when you get the card and are obviously moved by it (surely you have seen the commercials).  The card is a  Raging Beauties product.  The creator of these products was clearly cut from the same cloth as Lucy and me.

Thank you Lucy for making the effort on my behalf.  You are a treasure to me.

As for the BAD HABITS that we have made part of our CHARM…well, we will leave that long discussion for another day. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and seventy-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    I haven’t perused a card rack in a number of decades, so maybe everything old IS new again. Your, Ethel’s [I don’t pretend to get that joke] card, the font, the color, the woman’s hair-do – looks like it could be from the late 50’s. It’s so Laura Petri. But there is something Tim Burton-y about her, like Diane WIest in Edward Scissorhands.

    The price of cards: Blame that new notion of intellectual property. Leveraging our guilt. Great excuse for price gouging. For something that will be thrown away within a day.

    MY doggie kids have bad habits that are part of their charm. That’s why I always whisper, “You’re a good girl [kiss on the head] mostly.”

  2. Tam (a.k.a. Lucy)

    You make card and gift buying easy! You are always in my thoughts (and often motivation for my more Lucy moments)! Love ya. Thanks for the sweet post.

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