Trudging Is The Least We Can Do.

Yesterday morning we walked from our hotel to Arlington National Cemetery.  I had an awful lot of bounce in my step as we started toward the cemetery.  But as we started to see the graves from just outside the cemetery my steps got heavier and heavier.  By the time we made our way to the Women in Military Service for America Memorial I felt like I was trudging through knee deep mud.  But it wasn’t that I was tired or physically affected – it was the emotional weight that I carried as I walked the road lined with a sea of headstones.   It is a place of solemn silence that screams of sacrifice, honor, and commitment.

We visited the Women in Military Service for America Memorial located at the cemetery. The museum exhibits memorializing and honoring womens’ service and the efforts to establish a memorial to that service are moving and bring to life the contributions of women to military efforts over many decades and many conflicts and wars.  Tonight I share some photos I took at Arlington National Cemetery and at the Womens’ Memorial.

If you visit the DC area, please visit the Arlington National Cemetery.  Take the time to absorb how monumental the contribution of this small percentage of our fellow countrymen and women has been, and continues to be.  You too will find that your steps become heavier as you proceed past the thousands of headstones…you too will trudge…but that really is the point.  Trudging is the least we can do.

Day one thousand four hundred and eighty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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