More than a two day tour….

I have concluded from our brief Washington, DC trip that a byproduct of a two-day DC adventure is a recognition that you need to come back when you have more time. This is not a place that can be seen fully in a few days or really a week, this is a place that requires dedicated attention for months to be fully appreciated.  In two days the best you can do is start to get a flavor for the diversity of experiences you can have in DC.  There is seemingly no end to the arts, history, and culture you can find here – plus so many of these places are free to enter (albeit, eating in DC proper is a whole different story).

Cheyenne made me promise after our first full day that we would return for a longer visit – a visit where we could spend more time really soaking in all the history and nuances that necessarily get skimmed over in the hurry to try and take in snippets of everything.  I am gratified that Cheyenne is so interested in the history that resides here.  She would pick a museum or memorial over an amusement park any day of the week.  I recognize she is not the norm, and I am grateful for that.  But when it is all said and done, Miss Sparkle is still a kid and she enjoyed having her photo taken at places around DC.  I share a few of those photos today as a wrap-up of our DC trip.  The only question remaining is when we will return and in what context.  Do you suppose they have a suite for the President’s mother in the White House?  Well, that would certainly be more than a two day tour now wouldn’t it??!! ;-)

At the World War II Memorial…

At the Smithsonian Castle gardens…

The Princess of Quite-A-Lot at Smithsonian Castle…

At her future residence…with a suite for mom? ;-) 

Day one thousand four hundred and eighty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

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  1. B-dubya says:

    Aha! I suspected there was real substance behind the Sparkle :) (I also suspect that her strong family has a lot to do with that.) She must be a great tour companion.

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