Don’t Grow Old, Grow Bold!

I saw a product in a catalog imprinted with the saying, “Don’t grow old, grow bold!”  It struck me as a call to action – a charge to defy the expectations of aging you may have carried with you from your youth.  That resonates with me as I am growing older, but I don’t relish the notion of growing old.  I like the alternative option of growing bold much better.  Indeed, as one grows older it becomes more and more clear that the time for being bold is fleeting as the days, weeks, months, and years continue to pass predictably.

There are those who believe that boldness is a quality for the young to embrace.  A daring accompanied by a lack of fear and a level of naiveté that is more often apparent in those without the benefit of years of experience.  With age comes this notion of increased wisdom – a predictor of sensibility.  Not too many folks equate boldness with sensibility I surmise.

But I dare to make that case today…I dare to say that it is the sensibility that comes with aging that pushes one to seek out the opportunity to be bold.  I dare to say that boldness, while not wasted on the young, is surely less appreciated by the young.  When bold is chosen as a calculated choice by a sensible person – someone who is older and wiser – it takes on a different feel.  Suddenly bold seems life-affirming, brilliant, and much more laudable.

Let’s face it folks, we only have so many years on the planet…only one precious life.  I know it sounds contrived, but life is for the living.  Yet the irony is that it often isn’t until we start to grow older that we fully appreciate what it means to really live the life we want.

Our days on this planet are finite.  Growing older is a delightful luxury not afforded to all.  Use those days wisely – be bold.  Live your life with a wisdom that affords you the freedom to appreciate that life is either a daring adventure or nothing. 😉

Day one thousand four hundred and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    One bold (formerly wimpy) old lady weighing in here. 🙂 When I am tempted to stifle my bold (but well-mannered) actions or words, I remind myself of one thing: “If somebody doesn’t like it, how long can they punish me?”
    I am also bolder with the “meanie” side of me: I do a lot more counting to ten to remind myself that I may not know the whole story.
    This article reminds me of a t-shirt worn by an 80 year old friend: It said “Old age is not for sissies!”

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