Road Trip! ;-)

I have been waiting for today for over two months.  Today is an important day!  Today I am off to Fertile, Minnesota!

Today’s trip to Fertile will be my first.  Even though it is a mere hour and a half away, I have never ventured to the town before.  But that is not unusual for me – there are lots of local places I have not been.  I go places when I have a reason to go to them – be it for work, events, or plain ol’ curiosity.  Fertile just never hit my radar until relatively recently.

But my buddy B-Dubya is in Fertile, and I have been wanting to get out to visit with her for well over a year.   I made definitive plans in June to finally visit Fertile in August.  I have been talking about my big Fertile trip all summer long to my family members.  They have not been able to fully appreciate my excitement about going to Fertile, but they do all know of B-Dubya and the place of esteem she holds in our family’s collective heart.  They also know that my favorite travels always have more to do with people than places.  Places can be beautiful, but they are empty without the people that bring them to life.

Tomorrow I will share with you the story of my big Fertile adventure.  Heaven only knows what kind of mischief I may encounter there.  At this point in time I only know one thing for sure – I will have a great time because B-Dubya is there.  But just in case things get out of hand, does anyone know a good Fertile bail bondsman?  😉

Day one thousand four hundred and ninety-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    I hope your Fertile post will explain how the town got its name: agriculture, cattle, farming, birth rate?

    Happy trails to you, until we read again.

    1. B-dubya

      Good question, Tim, and one we hear often! We are surrounded by good cropland (including a good crop of children), but the name comes from the earliest settlers in the area who came here from Fertile, Iowa.

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