Taylor Swift – You Are Invited!

I love this area for many reasons, but the main reason is the sense of community that exists.   That sense of community is particularly evident in the participation of Moorhead Mayor Voxland and F-M first responders in a recent video created by Creative Care for Reaching Independence (CCRI).  The video asks country music star Taylor Swift to join in its 5K and Walk ‘n’ Roll-a-thon being held on September 5th.  The video features CCRI clients, Mayor Voxland, and the first responders dancing to Taylor’s song – 22.

The antics in the video (see it here) make it clear the type of community we have.  It is a cute and lighthearted effort to try and get Taylor to participate in this event which is the day before her upcoming Fargo concert.  My favorite part is the Fargo Police Sergeant who was bustin’ some pretty smooth moves.

Bravo to all those who participated in this video.  Now it is up to Taylor to attend or not. But make no mistake, regardless of the the end result the CCRI folks and their dance partners have already done a pretty magical thing just by making the effort to invite Taylor.  😉

Day one thousand four hundred and ninety-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Why is she considered country? She’s rock n roll. Unclear how she and this song were chosen, but barring scheduling conflicts, she should bring her own cameras to take footage for her own video. We have about a dozen such disabled folks living here independently. I’d call it semi-independently, because these lovely folks could never make it totally on their own. Then again, who amongst us is truly independent in this technological day and age? Too heavy for 4 AM. LOL. Hope Taylor turns out for ya!

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