Fundamentally Female!

B-Dubya is always gifting me something.  She sent me home with a whole bag of goodies for me and the girls when Mike and I visited Fertile last weekend.  She also told me she would be mailing me a book from renowned Fertile author Renee Rongen.  The book – Fundamentally Female – arrived today.

OMG!  This is the best book EVER!  I absolutely LOVE it!  It is filled with beautiful art, humor, and wisdom and its all about and for women.  It is a feast for the eyes, the heart, and soul.  It is soooooooo me!

Of course, B-Dubya knew that.  She and I walk oddly connected parallel paths and are often on the same wavelength.  So she knew I would love this book even before I knew it.

The book is replete with phenomenal art and photography.  You can get a sense of some of the art by checking out the artists’ page on the book website.  I am going to post a handful of the art pieces here, but they are just a wafer thin slice of the magic that is in Renee’s book.  I can tell you this much right now – this is my new favorite gift idea for my women friends.

Fundamentally Female™: is a global collaboration—by, for, and about women—that identifies the universal substance of a woman: the friendships she honors, the vulnerability she exposes, the impact she makes, the intimacy she covets, the secrets she keeps. Rich in wit, wisdom, and honesty, this collection of candid and diverse voices speaks to generations of females in search of confirmation, inspiration, and joy as it peels away the layers to expose the very soul of womanhood. Master storyteller Renee Rongen amasses a feast of quips and quotes, provocative vignettes, and tender stories that spans the gamut of the female experience,then wraps it in delicious, eclectic artwork created by artists from around the world.