Computer Repair Lessons From A Goober…

Well, if there was any question about my status as a goober today’s post should remove it.

Today, I spilled raspberry vinaigrette dressing on my open laptop computer.  Yes, right  into the keys it oozed while I flailed about and screamed expletives. I estimate that I spilled about a tablespoon of oil based liquid down into the bowels of my laptop. I am not even going to go into how I managed this debacle – just know that it was an exercise in stupidity.

After a brief period of hyperventilation I shut down the computer, pulled out the cord, popped out the battery, and turned the entire unit upside down to allow gravity to help see as much of the dressing out as possible.  After about a half hour of letting the computer leach the dressing it was willing to part with, I used a damp rag to clean off as much as I could get off the surface.  Then I used a highly technical approach that I have perfected over the years to get up and under the keys of the computer – the sticky side of post-it notes inserted next to and under the keys.  The post-it notes came back out bearing evidence that there was still oily deposits in the keyboard.

I started at the beginning again – I turned back over the computer for another half hour, wiped it down again, and re-sticky noted it.  Then I decided that I needed to find a way to ensure that anything that was left in my computer had an opportunity to dry before I tried to start it up, so I decided to blow dry it.  Blow drying it (I theorized) would dry out any remaining dressing and turn it into the same type of dried gross debris that regularly lives in the crevices of my keyboard.  My son Cory thought it was an unusual technique, but it seemed logical to me (I mentioned I was a goober right?).

Well, a good solid blow dry later and here I am typing my blog on that very same laptop.  The Caps Lock and the Shift Key are still a bit spongy, but everything else is working like a charm – at least for right now.   I am taking that as a win and moving on.

Now, should you ever be so unfortunate that you suffer a similar accident with your laptop, remember this lesson from this goober.  It may be unconventional and it may be that my fix will only be temporary, but sometimes you just have to go with the wits that you’ve got – no matter how limited they are. 😉

Day one thousand five hundred and two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    Well, Goober, your fix sounds a bit like the advice I got from a build-from-scratch super-techie Geek: Problem with a fax/scanner/printer? “Open the lid and slam it–hard!” Problem with a desk-top CPU tower: “Give it a good crisp smack on the side.” 😀

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